About Joyful Creations

Me at my brother's wedding

My name is Ros and I live in Sunbury, Victoria with my wonderful husband, our adorable dog and 3 cats.  I am housebound and often bed-bound with severe ME/CFS and also suffer with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

Jewellery making has become the main passion in my life (other than my husband and animals), as I am able to be creative and learn new things safely and in my own time.  It brings me a lot of joy, to create new and interesting pieces, and experiment with different styles.  I am particularly enjoying wirework at the moment, and love working with natural materials such as pearls, stones and shells, as well as the amazing colours and effects that can be found in glass beads.

I enjoy many other crafts, such as knitting and drawing.  These may pop up now and then 🙂

Prior to becoming unwell I was a Kindergarten teacher, and am very passionate about Education.  Particularly child-directed learning using natural materials, planning and interactions which value each individual child, and respect their need to develop in their own way with our support.


One Response

  1. Hi there Joy,

    Thanks for popping by my blog.
    I was touched to read your story and I can not only empathise with you but sort of understand what you are experiencing. I too am often housbound, maybe not as much as you but spend weeks at a time stuck in bed.
    I have a condition called Acromegaly and have recently had a pituitary tumour removed. I find solace and meaning in my creativity and currently enjoy quilting, sewing, embroidery, drawing, photography, jewellery making and felting. What I get done depends on my pain levels and whether my eyes want to work.

    I love your jewellery and I look forward to seeing some more of it.


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