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Crazy Cats!

Last night I couldn’t find two of our cats (yes, we have three!)… I knew they were inside, because they had eaten, but after checking all their favourite hidey holes, I was stumped!  After enlisting my husband to help with the search, and a good 15min of looking everywhere in the house, hubby came and said I should quietly have a look in the laundry.  I couldn’t see what he was referring to, until…

You guessed it!  Not one, but both cats curled up in the laundry basket on top of the deep freeze.

How cute are they!

The orange cat came to us as a sick little 4 week old stray last easter, he was cowering under our car to keep out of the rain, and wasn’t well enough to even dry himself.  Our youngest at the time, Rasputin took to him immediately and has been looking after him ever since.

My mother-in-law aptly named him Opi, (Short for Orange Peel) due to his colouring.

It is just so beautiful to have animals around, who warm our hearts every day!


3 Responses

  1. Awww…
    They are so adorable.

    • They really are! 😀 I don’t stand a chance when they are being mischevious… they look at me with their cute eyes and I melt! Softie!!

  2. That is so flippin cute!

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