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Making a Light Tent

We have had a very exciting weekend at our place!  I have been wanting to make a light tent/box for ages now, as I really struggle with taking good photos, and on Saturday I finally convinced hubby to go and buy the things I need to make it.  Yay!  So, yesterday we got busy and made it (well to be honest my husband did most of the cutting, as I am not well enough – but I did a great job ‘helping’). lol

I thought I would show how we went about it, for anyone else who would like to give it a go… the difference in picture quality is AMAZING!

First, we found a box that was a good size… luckily we are a bit slack on the tidying front these days, so the box from Mick’s steering wheel was still sitting in the study 😀

Then we measured about 2 inches from the sides, drew an outline on the box and then cut out the centre from all sides and the top.

Next, we measured a piece of card for the backdrop (I used a matt card so it doesn’t reflect too much) and we may use the rest to line the inside of the frame – although our box was already white on the inside, so I think we’re right…  I have just placed it inside the box, as I would like the option of changing backdrops, but you could tape it if you wish.

Then I have draped some material over the sides and top to diffuse the light.  I will cut this to size at some point, but I haven’t taped it yet until I know how I want it set up.  From playing around with lighting I have noticed that some of my items prefer both layers of material and some prefer only one or even none, so I will keep it as versatile as possible.  Then I placed the lights around it on each side.

We couldn’t find any daylight globes, but have used cool white which are working ok for now.  I just need to adjust the white balance on my camera.

We have a very simple compact camera, it is 5 megapixel and has no super macro, so it still can’t take really fine photos, but check out the difference.  This is best photo I could take of my woodlands necklace originally:

And this is the one I took last night in the light tent.  I have not done any touch-ups, and will keep playing with the lighting, but it is so much better!

There are still some settings I have to change, but I am really happy with the results!  Now I have a lot of photo taking to do! 😀

I have read a lot of forum posts about making a lightbox, but we mainly used a blog from Digital Photography School as our guide.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


One Response

  1. OMG, Ros the difference is amazing!

    I was wondering what a light tent is and googled it. They are not cheap!!!

    Thanks for posting this as it gives me hope on a budget!
    So clever, you and your hubby. Well done to both of you!

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